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At CAAG, we know that you work hard every day for your customers, employees and your business. Most of you are too busy to keep up with all the proposed bills in legislation that are working in Georgia each year.

Every year the state makes decisions that have far reaching implications into your business issues that will affect us all.  CAAG understands that it is critical that you have an advocate for your voice inside our state government.

CAAG uses our resources and tailors the proper message to make sure lawmakers hear one collective voice for the HVAC-R Industry. CAAG is a recognizable brand with the State.  CAAG has earned a great reputation, built relationships and is known as a trusted source of information for lawmakers.

CAAG knows the moods and opinions at the capital can swing wildly from day to day and sometimes even minute by minute. That is why it is important to have boots on the ground to fight for our industry with one unified voice.

As a CAAG member you will also enjoy networking opportunities, be able to work on continuing education and stay informed on industry trends and innovations.  We also want to help you stay inspired and motivated, build and cultivate new partnerships and extend your support systems of experienced industry professionals like you.  Oh yes and last but not least, have fun and build new friendships!

We invite you to join our proactive organization today! Let CAAG put our skillset and experience to work for you for the benefit of us all.


We are the voice at Georgia’s capitol hill. It is because of our members’ support that we are able to spend countless hours and days every day, month, and year advocating for the HVAC industry. Over the years CAAG has changed laws that deal with business licenses and that you must have a state qualification license to buy a Business License.

Additionally, you now only have to buy one business license. Our lobbyists are currently working to say that the state cannot charge a business license based on gross revenues.

Contractors now only have to pay permit fees that are close to or equivalent to the inspection fees.

CAAG lobbyists have made it a law for unlicensed contractors to not ever be able to get a license if they continue illegally working. CAAG has also made it possible to have a business license REVOKED if any help is unlicensed.

These are just a few past successes that CAAG has been able to achieve. There are many more and many more to come.

•  Permits do not have to be pulled in person. You can now submit by fax or digital. This has saved thousands of hours for members.

•  Passed a law that veterans must still pass the required tests and be licensed just like everyone else. We have tremendous respect and support for our veterans and appreciate their service. This is good for both our consumers and our industry.

•  You only have to have one business license. You do not have to get business in every city you work in.

•  You have up to two days after work begins to obtain your permit.

•  All contractors who work on HVAC-R systems must be licensed through the Division of Conditioned Air Contractors of the Construction Industry Licensing Board.

•  Criminal fines and possible prison for unlicensed contractors.

•  Improved lien laws so contractors could file liens on homeowners who do not pay.

•  CAAG will assist in leading processes against municipalities and now you can sure for excessive cost and attorney’s fees.

•  Made it necessary to see work before closing.

•  General Contractors and home builders can have their licenses revoked for using unlicensed persons.

•  Helped make it a criminal offense if the customer does not pay.



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