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Welcome to CAAG. We are your leading advocate in the state of Georgia! From the state capitol to your hometown, our members and board are committed to creating a better environment for those in HVAC-R industry.


In the late 1970s, the US was in a deep recession, output was down, and unemployment was high. On top of that, the government was increasing regulations and raising taxes on businesses of every size.

During a meeting, Bob Kesterton, a supplier with Mingledorff’s, and one of his customers, Earl Smith with E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning discussed how they were concerned with the direction the economy and government were headed. The higher taxes and burdensome regulations were adversely affecting business owners, their companies, employees, and consumers. They both felt like it was time to try and build a coalition of business owners in the HVAC-R industry to formulate a plan of action and advocacy. As fate would have it, Smith was telling his neighbor of his plan, the neighbor would recommend they contact a lobbyist with experience in the construction industry, Bruce Widener.

In 1980, three titans of the industry, Kesterton, Smith, and Widener formed the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia (CAAG). CAAG immediately began to advocate for the HVAC-R industry giving contractors a voice at the Capitol in Georgia and working on key pieces of legislation affecting the industry.

CAAG was established as an association to serve you and preserve our industry. The efforts and work of Kesterton, Smith, and Widener are still carried on today – 43 years later.

The supplier, contractor, and lobbyist created a place where those in the industry can receive any resource they need, continued professional development and growth opportunities, and. a strong network of peers across Georgia. Since its founding, CAAG has enacted countless pieces of legislation, grown membership, and revenue, and raised the professional standards for the industry.

Earl Smith & Bob Kesterton

  Bruce Widener


We serve to be your voice on Capitol Hill. We stand before state legislators, code officers and more advocating for you. Our CAAG officers and directors are front and center working to advance legislation and educate policymakers about the HVAC-R industry. CAAG is an advocate for you and your business!




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